About eVo Consultancy

Our Value

eVo Consultancy
 advises your management team as it evolves as an organization and business.  eVo advisors draw on their deep experience:

  • Advising hundreds of companies across 18 industry sectors
  • Consulting to all types of organizations, entrepreneurial to multinational to governmental to non-profit
  • Managing and advising on hundreds of critical organizational, infrastructure financial, risk, market, product and technology assignments

In a marketplace focused on business functions or silos, eVo advises its clients on the broad view, a view that supports micro-focus and hones segmentation for the optimal benefit of the entire organization.

Working on retainer, eVo offers a just-in-time approach – appropriate, efficient and effective solutions to tactical and strategic situations facing your business.  eVo is dedicated to your key results.

How We Work

eVo Consultancy brings the business knowledge and tools (content), but more importantly, the business leadership and results behavior (context) to successfully address your business opportunities or problem needs.

Due to our breadth of experience, we understand the functional business complexities of small, mid-sized and large multi-national organizations, from the perspective of C-level executives, and as seasoned management consultants.

Our real value-add relates to project management skills acquired from years of proven experience.  eVo Consultancy’s seasoned professionals bring you combined content and context skills to:

  • Quickly and objectively assess your situation

  • Provide clarity on where you are and the value of your proposition

  • Build team commitment to action and guide them to timely results

  • Effectively and efficiently plan and implement the actions necessary to achieve your goals

  • Be valued mentors that transfer key skills to empower your staff

  •  Assure that your successful results are fully integrated into the organization’s DNA

Today, the majority of consulting firms provide systematic, template-based, content knowledge, but are less adept at providing companies with the essential context skills for project management success.  It is no wonder that close to 70% of all projects fail to produce the results originally envisioned by Management. 
eVo Consultancy is proud of its proven track record of successful client projects – projects delivered as planned, on time, and within or below budget.