“I have had the pleasure of working with John Mathers and Herb Cano as officers at Bank of America and have followed their subsequent successful business consulting careers. They are highly results-oriented, focused, and resourceful business professionals. Our projects involved strategic business planning and development for new financial markets, services and product lines. John has excellent interpersonal skills and can facilitate groups from different disciplines. He is committed and creative in his growth strategies and keeps the client's best interests in mind. John has a high degree of integrity and business and personal ethics. He is relationship-oriented and maintains excellent rapport with current and prior clients.”

Patricia Giacalone, Former VP  Bank of America Cash Management

"...during one of the most challenging eras in our 35 year history...our agency had let its operational infrastructure lapse into a dangerous state...Herb came along with the skills, knowledge, experience, and most of all, the grit to help us make the massive changes to effect a complete turnaround within a very short period of time.  This has made it possible to refocus our organization's resources on community health care services and our vital mission.”

Dr. Darryl Inaba, CEO  Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinics

"I engaged Herb in a Project Manager capacity to run a litigation project operated under the auspices of the CFO and General Counsel of Hewlett Packard. Towards the end of this litigation project, Herb was asked by the Treasurer of HP to increase his involvement and perform additional duties to replicate all HP Treasury activities for the new Agilent Technologies IPO.  Herb chose to concentrate his efforts to HP Risk Management; Risk Management became the first HP unit to complete its Agilent Technology spin-off assignments.  I recommend him to any client that finds itself in need of a Project Manager that can ramp up quickly and meet the goals of a complex project with aggressive timeframes and budgets."


Robert Benninghofen, President
 Berritt Company

“John Mathers provides high-energy, high-quality consulting services. John's depth and breadth of experience enables him to quickly 'get to the heart of the matter'. Whether it is partnering with his client to develop a corporate or marketing strategy, recommending solutions to resolve corporate challenges, defining a roadmap for new service or product implementations, John consistently ensures all relevant information is reviewed and no detail is overlooked. While I've only had the opportunity to work with John stateside, his international experience and expertise with global organizations is extensive and well-known. John has the creativity, insight and determination to successfully deliver without fail.”

D’Arcy Tomlinson, Resource Manager Partners in Business Systems 

“John's is an extremely thorough, resourceful, and clear thinking individual. He understands complex situations and identifies the root cause/core issue very quickly. He also has an uncanny ability to compile and organize relevant supporting information and put his hands on the most relevant piece of information for a given situation. I would recommend John highly to any prospective client.”

Rob Hall, Partner End-to-End Analytics LLC

"The successful corporations oftomorrow will develop organizational system and culture that absorbs constant change without losing focus. [This consulting approach] provides a step-by-step guide to designing and building this nimble organization."

Gerry Parker, Executive Vice President Intel Corporation


"Contracted to perform process re-engineering of our online banking services unit…Mr. Cano became involved with the development of a strategic vision and systems development…Mr. Cano’s style allowed him to build rapport and support from both staff and management…I recommend him highly to anyone seeking a quick study who can be "hands-on" when understanding current processes, yet has the creativity to think strategically."

Doreen DiBiagio, Vice President  Wells Fargo Bank

“I worked with John at Charles Schwab where he was brought in to manage a business integration program. He had a highly effective work style in quickly garnering the trust of our executive stakeholders, building a rapport with the project leaders, and teaching us project management methods that would keep us focused on rapid delivery.  John is an engaging leader, with a practical approach to project management. Overall, it was a great working experience and I'd welcome the opportunity to work with John again!”

Diana Kohanski, Former VP Charles Schwab & Company

"Herb Cano always brought his 'A' game -- intelligence, experience, innovation, and total dedication to the project at hand.  Herb also brings a strategic, proactive and much respected perspective to the people he works with, his work product and for his clients.  He is always focused on delivering timely and high quality results.  A multi-talented, highly recommended consulting engagement resource for any organization."

        Jack Levine, former SVP Visa, Inc.

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with John on a major Y2K consulting project for a major global financial institution. We were implanting Incident Management Teams and Emergency Operations Centers around the world, and then designing the exercises that tested the processes.   John had incredible vision in the project and was able to “hear” the client, deliver what they needed and manage the internal politics in multiple countries with numerous cultures. I learned a lot from John that I still use in my professional practice today.”

Regina Phelps, CEO Emergency Management & Safety Solutions

"Contracted to develop the business requirements for a specific interim solution…Mr. Cano was able to get up to speed within several days, and presented his observation that this specific solution was not in the best interest of Visa…He requested to not only develop the business requirements for the original solution, but to present alternative solutions and a recommendation…Mr. Cano’s initiative saved Visa from proceeding with a costly interim solution and presented management with options for a simpler, less costly solution."

Joel Mittler, Senior Vice President  Visa International

"As turnaround CEO at Genesco, I believe [these] processes and procedures allowed us to achieve results which exceeded our expectations and most certainly surprised Wall Street. This process for focused management and feedback was exactly what we needed to get up and get moving in an effective and fast manner. The results speak for themselves."

David M. Chamberlain, Chairman/CEO Genesco 

"[They] really understand what enables an organization to thrive in a fast-forward environment. The organizations following their advice will be the survivors."

William Bridges, Author, JobShift and Managing Transitions